8/2 - 8/22/2021

Art in the monastery

Seeing art as an implanted organ that puts down roots. With seven experimental setups, contemporary artists from all over South Tyrol investigate the behaviour of artificial elements in natural settings.

The Kulturverein Schnals (cultural association Senales) and the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (South Tyrolean artist association) are organising the 33rd edition of the "Art in the Monastery" summer exhibition in the former courtyard of the monastery. "IMPLANT | AT | KARTHAUS" transforms Certosa in the Senales Valley into a living laboratory of artistic grafting. The work of Stefan Alber, Barbara Gamper, Irene Hopfgartner, Judith Neunhäuserer, Wolfgang Nöckler, Leander Schönweger and Alexander Wierer find their roots in various and very different areas of life. In summer 2021, Certosa will offer a valuable insight into the complex relationship between the artistic body and its environment, with all the inclusions and rejection reactions a healthy process of growth implies.

Exhibition curators: Michael Rainer and Thomas Rainer / Vienna and Munich
Organizer: Kulturverein Schnals, Südtiroler Künstlerbund
8/2 - 8/22/2021
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