Racing Bike Tour to the Jaufenpass Mountain Pass

General description

The Jaufen Pass mountain pass connects the Passeiertal Valley with the Eisacktal Valley, and is one of the shortest connections between Meran/Merano and Sterzing/Vipiteno by the Brenner Pass mountain pass.
The starting point for this racing bike tour is St. Leonhard/S. Leonardo. With many switchbacks you climb the mountain with a gradient of approx. 12%. At Walten/Valtina the road bends towards the pass, providing a wonderful view from many sides, rewarding your strenuous pedaling. Descend either towards Gasteig/Casateia or back into the Passeiertal Valley the way you came up.

Route description
The starting point of this road bike tour is St. Leonhard im Passeier, where you climb up the mountain in several serpentines at a gradient of approx. 12%. At Walten, the road bends down to the pass - the strenuous pedaling is rewarded with a wonderful view on several sides. The descent is either in the direction of Gasteig am Benner or back into the Passeiertal valley along the ascent route.

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of the Jaufenpass Mountain Pass

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