La région de Merano en Sud-Tyrol
La région de Merano en Sud-Tyrol

La région de Merano en Sud-Tyrol

La région de Merano en Sud-Tyrol est l’une des régions alpines la plus diversifiée. Le bassin de Merano/Meran repose au pied du parc naturel du massif du Texel (Naturpark Texelgruppe) et de ses montagnes de plus de 3000 m d’altitude. Le bassin est connu pour son climat doux et sa végétation alpino-méditerannéenne.

Au début du 19e siècle, nobles et hommes de lettre de toute l’Europe ont rendu à la ville de Meran sa renommée internationale. L’histoire de la région est étroitement liée à l’élévation de Merano au rang de ville thermale lors de la Belle Époque. Les vallées paisibles et la montagne où règnent les coutumes alpines ainsi qu’une hospitalité sincère et une nature préservée sont à deux pas de Merano. Le parc naturel du massif du Texel, le sentier de haute montagne de Merano (Meraner Höhenweg), les cinq domaines de ski et de randonnée ainsi que les téléphériques modernes proposent des activités alpines à différentes altitudes et pour tous les niveaux. De plus, la région de Merano a vu naître des personnalités remarquables telles que la légende de l’alpinisme Reinhold Messner.
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The new Apple Walk in Partschins! 🍎

If you ever wanted to learn more about the apple cultivation in South Tyrol, then make sure to take new Apple Walk in Partschins! 😍

👉🏼 At 12 stations, fascinating details about apple cultivations are shared with you. Simply scan the QR code at each station to gain immediate access to explanatory videos and information. 📲 Then, at each station, you'll encounter questions with 4 answer options. If you answer all questions correctly, you can pick up a gift at the Partschins tourist office. 🎁

Have fun! ✨

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Have you ever seen a house built up on a rock? 👀

The "Häuserl am Stein" is one of the most fascinatingly odd building in all of South Tyrol. 🤩 But what's the story behind this cute building? 🤔

Its history, in fact, sounds a bit like a fairy tale. ✨➡️ A long time ago, just below St. Pankraz in Ultental Valley many small farm houses were situated at the banks of the Falschauer brook. In 1882 the river was flooded and took every single house with it, apart from one. The legendary Häuserl am Stein, in fact, had been built by pure accident on a gigantic rock which only became visible after the floods. 🏡

It should definitively be on your bucket list for South Tyrol! ⭐️

📸 Frieder Blickle

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One of the most beautiful and scenic ascent routes to this spectacular panoramic mountain in the Merano region leads via the Heini Holzer via ferrata. 🥾🏔️

👉🏼 The 550-metre ascent is perfectly secured with 1000 meters of steel cable and is of medium difficulty (A - B - B/C). Under the expert guidance of a state-certified mountain guide, the impressive passages over the rugged rocky edges of the Ifinger are conquered every friday.

Via Ferrata newcomers and families with children aged 14 and over who enjoy walking and climbing will find a feasible sporting challenge here and will have an unforgettable experience! 🤩

📍 Meeting point: in front of the ticket offices at the valley station of the Falzeben/Meran 2000 cable car
🕚 Time: 8.45 am - approx. 1.00 pm
🎟️ Price: € 95.00 incl. cable car & via ferrata set

Registration: online or within 4.00 pm the day before at the Hafling Tourism office

🔗 Click on the Link in our bio for the registration


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Towards the sun with the Burgstall - Vöran cable car! ☀️

In just 5 minutes, the cable car connects Burgstall in the Adige Valley with the mountain village of Vöran. 🚠

When the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Burggrafenamt region from the cable car! 🤩

📸 Upscale

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Hike to the Felixer Weiher lake 🥾

The 📍 Felixer Weiher (also known as Lago di Tret) is located at the point where South Tyrol and Italian-speaking Trentino meet.

The starting point of the hike is the Klamm parking area above St. Felix. A wide gravelled road takes you to the beautiful lake in around 45 minutes. 🏞️
This easy hike is particularly suitable for families with pushchairs to enjoy the spring-like temperatures! 🥰

📸 Renè Gamper

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