The green lung of Meran/Merano

The green lung of Meran/Merano

Find adventure and relaxation in the scenic gorges and along the green banks of the Passer river

Some sections of the river are crystal clear and gentle. Others feature wildly thundering rapids pouring out of the valley. With a total length of 46.2 km, the river flows from the Timmelsjoch pass in the Passeiertal valley to Meran. Initially, the river starts out as small mountain stream. But thanks to the countless tributaries that feed into the river along the way, it continues to grow, meandering through the spa town of Meran like a lifeline.

The Passer river divides Meran into two halves: the old town is situated on the right bank, while the residential quarter of Obermais/Maia Alta, boasting stately residences and noble houses, is located on the left-hand side.

The green Passerterrassen parks, popular local recreation areas, are easily accessible from the city centre. Those on holiday in Meran in summer shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to relax by the river and cool their feet in the rushing waters. Visit in the early morning (when it is quiet and not yet too hot) and discover for yourself why the Passer is dubbed the "green lung" of Meran. Did you know that the Passer river is actually top-quality drinking water? According to biological indicators, the river’s water quality is class 1!

Back in the Passeiertal valley, the Passer river is young and wild. The Passer river’s fascinating gorges are the ideal places for Tarzaning and Canyoning. These fun sports transform rock faces into slides and waterfalls into whirlpools. With an experienced pro as your guide, experience the majesty of the Passer river up close and personal. Abseil, slide, swim and dive as you test your limits and prove your courage. By the way: Every year in June the Passeiertal valley hosts the King of the Alps, the European Championship in extreme kayaking.
Keen on a bit of action but prefer not to get wet? Especially during the hot summer months, when the waters are pleasantly cool, the Passer gorge trail between St. Leonhard/San Leonardo and Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria is an ideal excursion. The path leads over numerous grates, bridges, balconies and daring metal structures – sometimes directly along the thundering waters of the Passer stream. Hiking the 6.5 km trail takes about three hours.
To get the most out of this wildly enjoyable trail, you’ll need a good head for heights. And who knows, maybe along the way you’ll observe a few professional kayakers during training?

Fly fishing is a sport of patience. Can’t wait? The Passeiertal valley fish farm not only supplies the surrounding restaurants with fresh fish, it also breeds those that are used to stock South Tyrol’s waters. Species include brown trout, rainbow trout and char. The fish farm also operates a species conservation programme for the marbled trout, which is particularly well-suited to the Passer river.

The Passer river is a true paradise for fly fishermen of all skill levels. The river features fast sections and leisurely flowing areas in both the Passeiertal valley and in the city of Meran.

Though close at hand, the city centre feels miles away while relaxing on the lush green banks of the Passer river. The loud rushing of the current is punctuated only by the occasional whip-like sounds of fly fisherman casting. Otherwise, the roar of the river effectively mutes the nearby hustle & bustle.
The Passer Gorge
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The Passer Gorge
The trail with a total length of 6.5 km goes from St. Leonhard on the left to Gomion, crosses the bridge there, and then leads to the right almost to ...
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