Things to know
Things to know
1. Planning: Information on the length and degree of difficulty are essential for a safe mountain experience. Always notify relatives, your host or the manager of the hut about the planned destination of your trip.

2. Assessment: Assess condition objectively and choose your trip accordingly. Set-off early and include extra time, to return before nightfall.

3. Pace and breaks: Choose a steady and regular walking pace. Include regular stops (in particular, if walking with children).

4. Drinks: Ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated! Choose drinks such as water, tea, or natural juices.

5. Mindfulness: Always show consideration for weaker members of the group. Point out dangers to other hikers and in case of emergency, render first aid.

6. Respect nature: Avoid noise and do not leave any litter. Preserve vegetation and respect plants and animals, especially those under protection.

7. Safety: Always follow the markings and do not leave marked paths and tracks. Regularly check the walking map and if in doubt, turn around in good time.
(Source: Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol, Ministry for Tourism)

Clothing: The hiking clothes should be suitable for the season. A wind-proof hiking jacket, as well as sturdy hiking trousers, long hiking socks and heavy hiking- or trekking shoes are part of the basic equipment. It is essential to check the weather conditions to obtain information on the local climate conditions before setting off.

Cash: Payment by credit card is not possible at all mountain huts. Therefore, take sufficient cash along.
Overnight accommodation and reservations: In the peak season, it is recommended to reserve the
huts early. Please cancel the reservation if you do not require it.

Hiking with children: The walking times provided are walking times without breaks at the average walking pace of an adult. When hiking with children, shorter sections should be planned and regular breaks should be made. In exposed places it is advisable to take children by the hand and to exercise particular caution.

Hiking with dogs: The Merano High Mountain Trail is generally suitable for dogs, which are used to longer hikes. Important: Check with the mountain huts beforehand, if dogs are permitted overnight in the inside
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