Sand Square and Post Bridge

Earlier there was a natural bend in the river between the Bozen Gate and the bank of the river Passer, where sand collected, and the square laid out later in this area was named after it. Here, next to the Bozen Gate, is the building that used to be one of Meran´s oldest inns: the former Hotel Erzherzog Johann later renamed the Hotel Esplanade. Until 1913 the post office was located in the hotel. Nowadays the renovated Esplanade houses shops, offices and a café. Opposite you will see the "Ansitz Hohensaal2 an ancient noble residence that now accommodates the college of the "Englische Fraulein" and a neo-Romanesque church, the Herz Jesu Kirche (Church of the Sacred Heart). Currently it is difficult to see the square as it is in the process of being dug up in order to build a private underground car park. The Post bridge is the finest Art Nouveau bridge in Meran. The approach to the town from Bozen and the south was very important for the Meran merchants, and there were a number of different bridges here over the centuries, linking the Heiliggeistkirche/Spitalskirche (Church of the Holy Spirit/Hospital Church) with the town. The Art Nouveau bridge, renovated a few years ago, dates from 1909 and is the most elegant of Meran´s bridges.

Description to arrive at destination

You can reach Merano by car: from the north Munich – Rosenheim – Kufstein (A12 Inntal Freeway, obligatory toll) – Innsbruck (A13 Brenner Freeway, obligatory toll) – Brenner (A22 Brenner Freeway, obligatory toll) – Bolzano (Exit Bolzano South) – Merano (MEBO-Highway) Munich – Garmisch – Innsbruck – Brenner (A22 Brenner Freeway, obligatory toll) – Bolzano (Exit Bolzano South) – Merano (MEBO-Highway) Alternative: Brenner – Vipiteno – Passo Giovo – Val Passiria – Merano Ötztal – Passo Rombo – Val Passiria – Merano from the west Ulm – Kempten – Füssen – Fernpass – Imst – Landeck – Passo Resia (State Road 40 + 38) – Merano Bregenz – Feldkirch – Arlberg – Landeck – Passo Resia (State Road 40 + 38) – Merano St. Moritz – Ofenpass – Münster – Taufers in Muenster – Glorenza – Merano Zurich – Landquart – Klosters – Vereinatunnel – Zernez – Ofenpass – Münster – Taufers in Münster – Glorenza – Merano from the east Lienz – Innichen – Val Pusteria (State Road 49) – (A22 Brenner Freeway, obligatory toll) Bolzano – Merano (MEBO-Highway) – Merano.

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