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Hike from farmhouse to farmhouse on Monte Sole - Naturno

Naturno (554 mt.) - Schlossweg - towards Schwalbennest - sign-post no. 10 - Unterstell(1.282 mt.) - Patleid (1.386 mt.) - Lint (1.464 mt.) - Innerforch (1.470 mt.) - Galmein (1.384 mt.) - Grub (1.377 mt.) - sign-post no. 6 - Naturno

Route description

Take the Schlossweg path, then turn towards Schwalbennest and walk on past the small cable-car at sign-post no.10 to Höfl and Unterstell or, if you prefer, take the Sonnenberg cable-car up to the Unterstell farm. Walk on upwards along path no. 10A and no. 10 to reach Patleid and further up to Lint. Then turn right and go on up path no. 24, the Meraner Höhenweg, to reach Innerforch, Galmein and Grub. The farmhouses which line this particular walk are just a few of the fifty-six mountain farms to be found in the Naturno area. Most of them are working farms as well as Jausenstation or Gasthof, places where you can get food or drink along the way and even a bed for the night. These farms offer guests the opportunity to see how their owners live and work. Perhaps you'd like to watch the farmer's wife bake bread, help with the hay-making or learn how to mill your own flour. When you're ready, simply take path no. 6 from the Grubhof farm back down to Naturno.