Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail
The high Alpine multi-day hike in South Tyrol for real mountain lovers
Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail
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Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail

The high Alpine multi-day hike in South Tyrol for real mountain lovers

The Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway near Naturno is still considered an insider tip among multi-day hikers, but is a beautiful alternative to the well-known Meraner Höhenweg.
The Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway connects existing paths and newly laid out trails over a length of 108 kilometres, leading from Reinhold Messner's Mountain Museum at Juval Castle near Naturno to the source of the River Adige in Reschen.

Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway shows how rich in contrast the vegetation in South Tyrol can be in the smallest of spaces: While you hike on the Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway over the dry Sonnenberg (=sunny mountain), you will constantly have the fertile valley and the densely forested Nörderberg (=northern mountain) with its imposing mountain peaks such as the Ortler massif in front of you.

But the Val Venosta Sunny Mountain is unique in the Alpine region: Due to its exposed position and only about 500mm of precipitation per year, a unique natural and cultural landscape has been formed. In order to survive on the steppe-like, barren soils, the inhabitants had to find ways and methods early on to be able to cultivate their land nevertheless.
Thus, centuries ago, they began to create an extensive and dense network of water channels that diverted the water from streams and springs at high altitudes - the famous Waalwege were born, which today are also part of the Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway. Thus the trail is not only a worthwhile destination for experienced mountain hikers, but also for all those who want to get an impression of the cultural history and life of the mountain farmers.

The best period for a hike along the Val Venosta Alpine Ridgeway is from April to October, although due to the exposed location it can get very hot, especially in high summer! Moreover, due to the limited accommodation possibilities on the farms, it is advisable to book your sleeping place in advance. 

At a glance

Length  108 km
Starting point  either Stava nearby Naturno/Naturns or Resia/Reschen
Total walking time
 5 - 6 days
 4.600 m
 5.600 m

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