The history of the therms of Naturno
A long tradition
The history of the therms of Naturno

The history of the thermal baths in Naturno

A tradition is given new life

Historically, Naturno looks back on a long tradition of healing waters. It was already the Romans who appreciated the energy of warm springs and healing places on their way along their important trade route, the Via Claudia Augusta. Much later, from the 16th century onwards, the first aspects of today's wellness concept began here with a bathhouse in the barn.

Until the 1960s, people enjoyed therapeutic baths and water cures in bathing cabins with wooden bathtubs. Whether rheumatism, arthritis or circulatory problems, the warm mineral water provided relief and well-being. With the advent of modern medicine, natural remedies lost their importance.
The baths were discontinued, the historic bathhouse disappeared and the healthy water literally flowed down the Adige for decades. Only a small oasis of peace with vines, fruit trees, a pond and cosy benches still bear witness to the spring intake, which was renovated in 2012.
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