Texelgruppe Nature Park House

Experience the largest natural park in South Tyrol up close

The element of water characterises the Texelgruppe Nature Park in a unique way. It has not only shaped the landscape, but also exerts a significant influence on the diverse habitats of the park. It represents both a challenge and an enrichment - be it through its absence or its abundance.

It is therefore no wonder that the new permanent exhibition in the Texelgruppe Nature Park House in Naturno is dedicated to water. Under the motto "Towards the water", the journey not only takes visitors on an architecturally fascinating journey through the snail-shaped building, but also on a discovery tour from the Adige river on the valley floor to the eternal ice worlds of the glaciers. The various altitude levels of the Texelgruppe Nature Park are traversed along the way.

Visitors, whether adults or children, have the opportunity to experience the nature park in a completely new light. The complex interweaving of habitats can be explored in a playful, interactive and varied way at the various stations of the 600 square metre permanent exhibition. Each station allows visitors to become active and experience the diversity of habitats at first hand - from Mediterranean areas to high alpine regions, from dry to rainy zones, from heat to icy cold.

Animals and plants that are native to the park's various habitats are presented here like a fascinating treasure trove. There are also stations dedicated to the irrigation channels, mountain pastures, farms and meadows, which require not only attention, but also curiosity and a certain amount of skill. The same applies to a technology game from times gone by, which provides an insight into the fascinating geology of the park with its diverse rock formations and rich minerals. The exhibition even takes visitors into the world of eternal glaciers and shows them the centrepiece of a mudslide that brings the destructive power of water to life.

The Nature Park House itself is an architectural masterpiece with clear lines that - like the landscape of the Texel Group Nature Park - soars upwards. Large windows allow sunlight to stream into the spacious rooms and provide an unobstructed view of Naturno, its surroundings and in particular the Naturno Sun Mountain. From the terrace of the new Nature Park House, you can enjoy the best view of this mountain and feel connected to the world in which visitors have just immersed themselves.

A visit to the new Nature Park House can be rounded off with a relaxed stroll through the newly created park next to the building. This welcomes visitors with plenty of greenery and water basins that pick up on the theme of the exhibition and are named after the renowned butterfly collector and researcher Bernardin Astfäller, who came from Naturns.

opening hours

From March to November
tuesday - saturday
 9,30 am - 12,30 pm & 2,30 pm - 6 pm

Also open on Sundays in July and August.
Closed on public holidays.
Admission is free.
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