The Krampus Run:

Alpine Nightmare?

With villages throughout South Tyrol bracing themselves for the annual Krampus invasion, it feels like a set of a horror movie. Interestingly, this age-old custom is currently seeing a revival in popularity.

Before sweeping into the villages, the tension on the streets on the night of 5th December is palpable, any little sound rattling the nerves. This event is also commemorated in Naturns/Naturno, when hordes of terrifying ‘devils’ descend on the village. With cattle horns mounted on their heads, their faces covered in grimacing animal masks, the shaggy-cloaked Krampus menacingly rattle chains and clang cowbells as they sweep through the streets chasing terrified youngsters. Those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the streets at that time flee home along the backstreets. Only the Tuifeltratzer (or ‘devil-baiters’ – brazen young males) dare to confront the Krampus. The taunting goes on for a while, and the outcome depends on whether the youthful challenger is able to outrun the “devil”. Most often it ends with a sooty face and a few bruises here and there.

Drawn from old Alpine folklore, the Krampus are demonic figures that precede the arrival of St. Nicholas during the Advent season. While St. Nicholas rewards good children, the Krampus (also known as Tuifl), are there to punish those that misbehave. Although this old tradition has acquired religious overtones, the old custom probably originated in pre-Christian times, representing the purging of the harsh Alpine winters.
The Krampus punishes misbehaving children.
While not as widespread, the Krampus tradition has been gaining in popularity, and is now more popular than ever in the Alpine regions. Following the re-formation in 2006, the Krampus Association in Naturns currently numbers 70 members. But even joining the club comes at a significant cost, with costumes that can cost up to € 2000.

Krampus are usually men dressed up in shaggy outfits, their faces covered by scary masks. While it used to be the preserve of single males, nowadays women may also be a Krampus. During the world wars of the 20th Century, when most of the menfolk were away, women not only kept the farms going, but also donned the Krampus costumes – without any fuss being made!
Being a Krampus is expensive: the price of a costume with fur and mask can amount to several thousand euros.
Even though Krampus night might sometimes still get a little out of hand, Krampus devils nowadays are more constrained in what they can get up to. While the old Krampus runs were a bit of a free for all, and one didn’t quite know who had just doled out a beating, the event has been toned down considerably. Supported by local municipal authorities, this old custom has evolved into a folk spectacle, and is subject to strict rules. The anonymity of the Krampus is also something of the past. Nowadays, each ‘devil’ has to wear an ID number, allowing traceability in the event of malpractice.

Watching the event unfold from a safe distance, those erstwhile scary nights seem just a distant childhood memory, when the unbridled Krampus rampaged through Naturns. With groups of young boys confronting the Krampus before fleeing, this one-time scary event can be experienced as a bonding rite of passage.
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Naturns  I  Naturno Naturns I Naturno 8 days ago
Naturns  I  Naturno

Für das neue Naturparkhaus Texelgruppe in Naturns wurden einzigartige Ausstellungsobjekte geschaffen.🥳 Die Grundlage für einige davon boten Kinderzeichnungen. Kinder im Alter von 4-6 Jahren beschäftigten sich mit 4 einheimischen Tieren🦊 und malten und zeichneten sie. In der Sonderausstellung zeigen wir die Werke aller Kinder, die sich an diesem Projekt beteiligten. Wer findet die passenden Zeichnungen zu den im Naturparkhaus ausgestellten Tiermodellen?😍

Die Ausstellung geht noch bis zum 30. November 2024!⏱
Naturparks Südtirol / Parchi naturali Alto Adige


Per il nuovo Centro visite del Parco naturale Gruppo di Tessa a Naturno sono stati creati oggetti espositivi unici, di cui alcuni sono basati sui disegni dei bambini.🥳 I bambini tra 4 e 6 anni si sono concentrati su 4 animali🦊 locali e li hanno dipinti e disegnati. Nella mostra speciale sono esposti i lavori di tutti i bambini che hanno partecipato a questo progetto. Chi riesce a trovare i disegni corrispondenti ai modelli di animali esposti nel centro visite?😍

La mostra resterà aperta fino al 30 novembre 2024!⏱

naturns_naturno naturns_naturno 8 days ago

About our hike to the Wallburgboden circuit!☀️
Definitely one of our favourite trails❤️

In the second picture you can even see the remains of the original irrigation channels of Naturno, which has now been undermined.😍 How many of you have already visited the Wallburgboden circuit?🥳

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Naturns  I  Naturno Naturns I Naturno 10 days ago
Naturns  I  Naturno

🇩🇪: Wie wärs am heutigen Samstag mit Trailrunning am Naturnser Sonnenberg?🤩🔥
Gestartet wird am Rathausplatz in Naturns, wo der erste Kilometer durch das Dorf Naturns und weiter bis zum Einstieg des Trails gelaufen wird.🏃 Sobald man den Einstieg des Trails erreicht hat, läuft man einen teils steilen Anstieg auf dem Weg Nr. 6 in Richtung Grubhof hoch. Weiter geht es auf dem Meraner Höhenweg Nr. 24☀ über eine Hängebrücke bis zum Galmeinhof, weiter bis zum Innerforch Hof, wo kurz danach der Meraner Höhenweg verlassen wird und ein langer Abstieg von ca. 750hm nach Naturns folgt.⬇️

Also worauf wartet ihr? Laufschuhe an und los geht´s!🥰

PS: Es erwartet euch eine traumhafte Aussicht!😉


🇮🇹: Che ne dite di fare trailrunning sul Monte Sole di Naturno questo sabato?🤩🔥
Si parte dalla piazza del municipio di Naturno, dove si fa il primo chilometro attraverso il paese di Naturno fino all'inizio del trail.🏃 Appena raggiunto l'inizio del trail, si percorre una salita in parte ripida sul sentiero n. 6 in direzione Grubhof. Si prosegue lungo l'Alta Via di Merano n. 24☀ attraverso un ponte sospeso fino al maso Galmeinhof, poi fino al maso Innerforch, dove poco dopo si lascia l'Alta Via di Merano e si percorre una lunga discesa di circa 750 metri fino a Naturno.⬇️

Cosa aspettate? Indossate le scarpe da corsa e partite!🥰

PS: Una vista fantastica vi aspetta!😉

naturns_naturno naturns_naturno 11 days ago

💙The summer season of the Alpin Arena Schnals finally starts on 𝟮𝟵.𝟬𝟲.𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰!💙
Lots of highlights are waiting for you!🥰


and much more...😍

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Naturns  I  Naturno Naturns I Naturno 13 days ago
Naturns  I  Naturno

🇩🇪: Wir stellen vor:
🌲Die Almen am Naturnser Nörderberg🌲
1. Mausloch Alm 1.835m
2. Naturnser Alm 1.922m
3. Tablander Alm 1.751m

Was ist eure Lieblingsalm in Naturns?🥰

❗️Achtung: Die Zetn Alm bleibt im Jahr 2024 voraussichtlich geschlossen.❗️
🇮🇹: Presentazione:
🌲 Le malghe sul monte Tramontana di Naturno🌲
1. Malga Mausloch 1.835 m
2. Malga di Naturno 1.922 m
3. Malga di Tablá 1.751 m

Qual è la vostra malga preferita a Naturno?🥰

❗️Attenzione: La malga Zetn rimane chiusa nel 2024.❗️

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