Texelgruppe Nature Park
A little world of its own
Texelgruppe Nature Park

Texelgruppe Nature Park in Naturno

Hiking in the largest natural park in South Tyrol

At 334 km2, the Texelgruppe Nature Park is the largest of the seven natural parks in South Tyrol. The diversity of flora and fauna make the Texelgruppe particularly interesting. The Merano High Mountain Trail is a popular hiking tour between mountain huts set in the natural park over 90km, circling the entire Texelgruppe above Naturno/Naturns. The highest point en route is almost 3,000 m a.s.l. on the Eisjöchl ridge.

The Texelgruppe Nature Park borders Naturno and runs along the main Alpine ridges. Hikers can experience the Texelgruppe mountain range on a smaller scale at the Naturno Visitor Center.
Things to know about the Nature Park
Nature Park Texelgruppe
Preserving the Panoramas
Preserving the Panoramas
That the once indomitable Sonnenberg mountain in Naturns/Naturno has in recent decades become one of the most beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol, is large part due to Konrad Götsch.
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