Cycling and Mountain Biking in Naturno
A whole year in the saddle in sunny Naturno
Naturno offers numerous, varied routes for cyclists and mountain bikers

Cycling and Mountain Biking in Naturno

A whole year in the saddle in sunny Naturno

Naturno is one of the most beautiful bike-regions of South Tyrol, because biking in Naturno is as manifold as the local surroundings. Relaxed cycling tours lead through historic villages, mountain pastures and apple orchards; with an e-bike travel along theEtschradroute cycle route, and on mountain bikes guests can ride through switchbacks and pass roads as the 2,757 meter-high Stilfser Joch mountain pass. With the mountain bike, mountain bikers can also travel up steep forest roads to the mountain pastures and high mountain tops and back down along one of the single track around Naturno.

With 315 sunny days a year, cycling in Naturno/Naturns is a great experience almost year-round, from February to November. A new attraction in Naturno is the Meran/o Bike Highline, which connects the individual mountain pastures of the Nörderberg mountain.The Ötzi Bike Academy in Naturno provides technique training tailored to each individual training level.

In Naturno/Naturns, child-friendly cycling routes start right in the center of the village. Cycling with young children in the even valley, between apple orchards along the Etsch river, is both easy and fun. The Etschradroute bike route is also ideal for the entire family.
Whether it’s scaling the mountain passes, recreational cycling along the Etsch river or riding helter-skelter down the trails, in Naturns/Naturno you’ll find the widest choice of bicycles to rent for all your cycling needs in South Tyrol.

Road bikes – the lightweight choice
Light carbon-fibre frames, narrow tyres, drop handlebars: for lightning-fast cycling! Racing bikes simply captivate road-cycling enthusiasts and nowhere does it get any better than the area around Naturns! Following the cycle track along the Etsch river, passing solitary side valleys and lonely mountain roads, the mountain-passes around Naturns are an experience like no other. The highlight being the Stilfser Joch. Also known as the Stelvio Pass, this arduous mountain road challenges even top cyclists competing in the world-famous Giro d'Italia race. The legendary stretch winding its way up the Stelvio Pass crosses no less than 48 hairpin bends! It isn’t just the sheer effort that raises your heart rate, but also the breath-taking views!

MTB: Mountain biking – for cool cats
While formerly known for its rustic mountain huts and pleasant hikes, the shady Nörderberg mountain now boasts a closely-integrated network of mountain bike trails, connecting the localities of Partschins/Parcines, Naturns and Kastelbell/Castelbello. Although Naturns is one of the newest MTB hotspots in South Tyrol, it’s quickly caught up thanks to the multiple route options and its incredible terrain. The landscape in Naturns captivates downhillers, freeriders, enduro masters and all-round mountain bikers. It's little wonder that that two of the best-known MTB protagonists in South Tyrol: Klaus Nischler (Head of the Ötzi Bike Academy) and Greta Weithaler (ex-MTB pro), are both from Naturns. An all-day out on the mountain trails in South Tyrol wouldn’t be complete without a much-needed stop at one of the numerous alpine refuges along the way.

E-Bikes – the latest trend
Originally developed for urban transport, e-bikes have in recent years crossed over into off-road terrain cycling. Thanks to the electrically-driven motor, cycling on an e-bike requires far less effort – making more distant destinations easy to reach. Needless to say, Naturns has enthusiastically embraced this new trend, opening MTB trails or traditional road-bike routes to the latest e-bikes. The Vinschgau Valley cycle track following the Etsch river is a staple route for e-bikes. Whoever is of the opinion that e-biking isn’t a real sport is wide off the mark! Research has shown that e-bikes actually increase the likelihood of more frequent cycling. E-bike cycling also brings the heart rate closer into the ideal aerobic zone, thus optimising heart condition.

Recreational cycling – classic cycling
Naturns is synonymous with outdoor enjoyment – even on a bike! Though the Vinschgau Valley landscape isn’t always flat, there are a variety of scenic cycle routes crossing the apple orchards, passing quaint villages, majestic castles – surrounded by spectacular mountains. Running down the valley from the Reschensee lake along the Etsch river, the Vinschgau Valley cycle track is perfect for recreational cycling. Key attractions include the sunken village in Reschensee lake, Marienberg
, the Prad/Prato biotope, the medieval town of Glurns/Glorenza, the marble-mining village of Laas/Lasa, and much more. If, after the 80-km-ride from Reschensee lake to Meran/Merano you still have unspent energy, the cycle track continues even further, all the way to Lake Garda.

Map with all MTB, road bike & e-bike tours in Naturno, Vinschgau & surroundings

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Einmal hinter die dicken Mauern eines Schlosses schauen?
Am Sonntag, 26.03.2023 öffnet das MMM Schloss Juval 🕌 für seine Besucher wieder die Türen 🗝 (Mittwoch Ruhetag)
Der Juval-Shuttle bringt euch im 1/2-Stunden Takt bis unterhalb des Schlosses.
Volete dare un'occhiata dietro le spesse mura di un castello?
Domenica 26.03.2023, il MMM Castello Juval 🕌 apre nuovamente le porte ai suoi visitatori 🗝 (mercoledì giorno di riposo)
La navetta Juval vi porta poco sotto il castello ogni mezz'ora.

Naturns I Naturno 4 days ago Naturns  I  Naturno

Am Sonntag eröffnen wir die Wandersaison 🥾 am Meraner Höhenweg! Euch erwarten kulinarische Highlights, musikalische Unterhaltung und um 10.30 Uhr findet eine Schau-Übung der Bergrettung Meran · Soccorso Alpino Merano - CNSAS an der Plattform statt! Kommt ihr vorbei?
Domenica apriremo la stagione escursionistica 🥾 sull'Alta Via di Merano! Vi aspettano specialità culinarie, intrattenimento musicale e alle 10.30 un'esercitazione dimostrativa del Soccorso Alpino Merano presso la piattaforma!

Naturns I Naturno 7 days ago Naturns  I  Naturno

Am nächsten Samstag, 25.03. heißen wir hier in Naturns den Frühling willkommen 🌷💐🌸 Tolle Aussteller, ein abwechslungsreiches Rahmenprogramm, Musik 🎵 und Gastronomie 😋 erwarten euch!
Sabato prossimo, 25.03. diamo il benvenuto alla primavera qui a Naturno 🌷💐🌸 Vi aspettano grandi espositori, un variegato programma, musica 🎵 e gastronomia 😋!

Naturns I Naturno 10 days ago Naturns  I  Naturno

Aufgrund des starken Windes ist die Seilbahn Unterstell heute außer Betrieb 🚡
A causa del vento, la funivia di Unterstell oggi è fuori servizio 🚡

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⛰️ Habt ihr schon mal eine Wanderung über den Meraner Höhenweg gemacht? 🥾
Avete già percorso l'Alta Via di Merano?

Naturns I Naturno 17 days ago Naturns  I  Naturno

🏰 In Südtirol gibt es um die 800 Schlösser & Burgen! Mögt ihr uns verraten, welches euer Lieblingsschloss bzw. -kirche in Naturns ist? ⛪
🏰 In Alto Adige ci sono circa 800 castelli! Ci volete dire qual è il vostro castello o la sua chiesa preferita a Naturno? ⛪

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