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Hike from farmhouse to farmhouse on the Nörderberg in Naturno

Jesus Besinnungsweg - Unterschwarzplatz (774 mt.) - Platzgumm (1.256 mt.) - Öberst (1.166 mt.) - Platt - Zischg (1.121 mt.) - Plon (1.041 mt.) - Steil (986 mt.) - Waldheim (555 mt.) - Rittersteig - Naturno (554 mt.)

Route description

Starting from the Naturno Sportplatz or Sports Centre, start walking up the Jesus Besinnungsweg to the Unterschwarzplatz farmhouse on the shady, thickly-forested side of the Nörderberg and then take path no 5 to the Platzgummhof farm. There are wonderful views out over the valley orchards and of the unique scenery of the Sonnenberg slopes all along the way. The hard-working mountain farmers of South Tyrol still live according to ancient, centuries-old customs and traditions and are more like "landscape gardeners" than farmers in the generally accepted sense of the word. Leaving the Platzgummhof behind, walk on to the turning for path no 30 and take this path downwards to the Öberst and Platterhof farms. Then walk on eastwards along path no.16A which leads to the three farmsteads of Zischg,, Plon and the Steilhof. Path no. 13 heads steeply downhill from the Steilhof to the Waldheim from where the Rittersteig will take you back to Naturno. If you decide to shorten your walk, you can head back down towards the valley from either the Unterschwarzplatz, Platzgumm or Platterhof farms.

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