Merano High Mountain Trail: Hiking through the 1.000 scales-canyon

Rablà – Texelbahn Cable Car mountain station – Merano High Mountain Trail – Gorge of 1.000 steps – Linthof – Patleid – Unterstell Cable Car mountain station

General description
The highlight of this hike is the section across the Gorge of 1.000 Steps, showing how the enormous force of water has eroded the rocks over the centuries to create the impressive Lahnbach Gorge.
The newly-built suspension bridge and the ascent over metal and wooden steps help to make this an unforgettable hiking experience.
Route description
Start at the Texelbahn Cable Car mountain station in Parcines/Partschins and go up a short way to the Gasthof Giggelberg Inn. Then follow the Merano High Mountain Trail No. 24 in a westerly direction (1,500 m average). But be prepared to cross some significant altitude
differences after Hochforch over the so-named “Gorge of 1.000 Steps”, connecting the Brunnental and Lahnbachtal ravines. Thanks to the new 55 m suspension bridge over the Lahnbach stream, the number of steps has been reduced, but climbing up the gorge still
requires a considerable level of physical fitness. After arriving at the Pirchhof, the route to the Linthof is fairly straight-forward. Following Trail No.10, you arrive at the Unterstell Cable Car mountain station. Between Pirchhof and Unterstell, are a number of rest and refreshment
stops to choose from.
Description to arrive at destination
Rablà - top station of the cable car Texel
Parking spaces at the valley station of the cable car
Public transport
Bus 266: Naturno/Unterstell - Rablà/Texel
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