Circular hike for the more experienced: Oberkirn-Stafell-Assen Hut-Videgg

General description

In the height of summer, the Videgger Assen Inn’s mountain pastures offer varied and breathtaking views of Alpine flora. With the Picco Ivigna massif directly opposite and the unobstructed views into the valley, the Videgger Assen remains a recommended destination for experienced, sure-footed hikers.

Route description

The starting point for this hike is the Verdins-Talle cable car mountain station. Take the forest path no. 2 from Oberkirn to the Grube and then, after an hour or so, begin walking on path no. 7 (550m above sea level). In the shady larch forest, the onward journey to the Stafell Alm is a comfortable one. Crossing a rocky slope at the ‘Riessbach’ involves a climb in the forest. This section of the hike requires a great deal of mountain experience and a sure footing. After you have crossed this gash in the landscape between Stafell and the Videgger Assen, the path continues along the mountain meadows to the Assenhütte Inn, a great opportunity for a pit stop at 2.000m above sea level.

For the return journey, the forest path to Videgg (approx. 90 minutes, 500m above sea level) is recommended. The Videgger Ridgeway just above the hamlet takes you straight back to Oberkirn and the Verdins cable car mountain station. Alternatively, you can descend further towards Videgg and take path no. 40A back to Oberkirn.

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano in the direction of Schenna and on to Verdins to the valley station of the cable car Verdins-Tall.


Parking lot cable car Verdins

Public transport

Bus line 231 from Meran to Schenna/Verdins (bus stop: Verdins)

Safety instructions
Before setting out on your day excursion, please make sure of the weather and trail conditions.

Hiking boots

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