48-hour biofeedback measurement icluding Personal Coaching session

5/3 - 10/25/2021

Live more healthily by understanding your own lifestyle!
Biofeedback measurement is a scientifically based method used in psychology and behavioural medicine that provides information on the individual activity of the autonomic nervous system by recording vital signs such as breathing patterns, blood pressure, pulse, skin temperature etc.
Over a period of 48 hours the bioenergetic activity of the body is measured using special equipment and presented in graphical form. In this way it is possible to identify how, when and for how long stress and recovery phases occur and where someone's personal “weaknesses” lie. Biofeedback measurement provides important information on the body’s metabolism, quality of sleep and recovery time. It will be apparent from the data if the subject is failing to get enough exercise or if they are living a balanced lifestyle.
After the 48 hours the data that has been captured will be evaluated in a personal coaching session with Martin Kiem, and the subject will discuss with him where improvements are necessary and the measures that can be put in place to improve their own quality of life and health in a lasting way.
5/3 - 10/25/2021
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