Children's carnival

The catholic youth group of Vöran organises again the big carnival procession on the village square of Vöran. The Vöran youth band will also be there. In addition, Peet Magic will delight young and old with their magic show and afterwards there will be a big party at the children's disco.
There will be a candy floss stand, carnival doughnuts, a pizza stand and delicious drinks.
The carnival parade can be reached quickly and comfortably with the Burgstall - Vöran cable car. Start is at 2.00 pm.
With the Funicular Burgstall-Vöran: Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran/Merano - Bozen/Bolzano (MEBO), take the exit of Lana Süd/Lana Sud and follow directions towards Burgstall/Postal. Follow Romstraße/Via Roma for about 1.5km.

With the car: Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran - Bozen (MEBO), take the exit of Meran Süd/Merano Sud and follow directions towards Meran first, to then turn right towards Hafling/Avelengo, follow the street to Vöran/Verano.
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