The South Tyrolean association "Kinderherz" introduces itself

Many young people (about 5,000 under the age of 30 and a total of about 13,500 people) in South Tyrol struggle with a lifelong serious illness. The "Kinderherz" association provides concrete support to families with children suffering from heart disease in medical/nursing areas, in administrative/bureaucratic matters such as care classification, civil disability, sports medicine clarifications, school and leisure time.

The financial burden for various treatments that are not covered by the public purse is often unsustainable. Here too, the association intervenes every year with many initiatives: Lana Runs 2024 is one of the charity events that help to raise awareness and, above all, provide information about the practical assistance available to those affected.

More and more often, solidarity can be felt among the population. Your donation or membership will also help these "special children's hearts", whom we want to support as best we can in their everyday lives, be it at school or later in their studies and professional lives.
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