Winter race with Haflinger horses

The Hafling Breeding and Riding Club organises a trotting race with Haflinger horses. The owners and their Haflinger horses come from all over South Tyrol. So it remains exciting right up to the last minute who will be the fastest team and cover the 1200 -metre distance in the shortest time.
The start is at 11 am.
Food and drink will be provided by the Hafling Breeding and Riding Club.
Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran/Merano - Bolzano/Bozen (MEBO), take the exit of Meran Süd/Merano Sud and follow directions towards Meran first, to then turn right towards Hafling/Avelengo. Shortly before Hafling Dorf/Avelengo Paese turn left towards Falzeben, after 500 metres branch off to the Hotel Viktoria. The parking place in at the sportsground.
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