Taseralm mountain hut to "Lauwandspitze" peak

General description
The lovely mountain hike on the summit of the Lauwandspitze requires mountain experience and is aimed at competent hikers. In return it offers breathtaking summit views and lasting memories.
Route description
Take the cable car up to the Taseralm mountain hut and from there climb steadily on foot to the Ifingerhütte mountain hut. Here the hike climbs up the slope to the Lenzeben clearing on the south-west ridge of the Ifinger and along the ridge up to the summit of the Lauwand. After a well-deserved rest with panoramic views, the return route heads back down to Lenzeben, past the old alpine hut to the Taser Höhenweg high mountain trail and back to the cable car mountain station.
Description to arrive at destination
From Meran direction Schenna and further to the valley station of the cable car Taser
Parking lot cable car Taser
Public transport
Bus line 231 from Merano to Schenna (bus stop: center) and with bus line 233 from Schenna to the valley station of the cable car Taser
Safety instructions
Only for hikers who are sure-footed and free from giddiness.

Before setting out on your day excursion, please make sure of the weather and trail conditions. 
Alpine boots
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