Winter excursion at the Vorbichl

General description

Exciting and educational hike across the Vorbichl with the two themed trails "Adventure trail Vorbichl" and the "International felt art hiking trail".

Attention: the path is not cleared in winter and can be icy in places. Always wear good shoes!

Route description

From the car park in Prissiano village centre (near the Raiffeisen bank) head right over the old wood-covered stone bridge and approx. 500 m along the road as far as the Church of St. Martin. Here turn left down to Castel Katzenzungen. Head through under the canopy of leaves of the largest and probably oldest vine in the world, the Versoaln vine, along trail no. 17 steeply downhill to the bridge over the stream; on the other side head uphill again and turn right when you reach the tarmac road. Follow the tarmac road to the right for a few metres downhill, then uphill (trail no. 2) to the start of the Vorbichl Adventure Trail (“Erlebnisweg Vorbichl”) by the pond. From here follow the circuit anticlockwise on what are in places wide forest tracks via the Klobenstuen-Plätzn to the viewing platform with wonderful views of the Val d’Adige/Etschtal valley, and then continue following the heather symbols until trail no. 16 branches off to the right to the Church of St. Christoph. Follow this path until it joins trail no. 3. From here the trail continues through the woods following a lovely, approx. 2 km circular route, created as the “International Felt Art Hiking Trail”, past the church of St. Christoph and back here again. Next head back along trail no. 16 and, staying on this path, past the last stations of the Vorbichl Adventure Trail to the pond and back to your starting point.

Variant: As a short-cut, it is possible to take trail no. 1 from the International Felt Art Hiking Trail near Hotel Burggräfler in a southerly direction, which opens out into the tarmac approach road to the Vorbichl (marked trail no. 2).

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