Active Holidays in Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000 in South Tyrol
Fun outdoor holidays close up with nature
Horse riding tours at Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000

Active Holidays in Hafling - Vöran - Meran 2000 in South Tyrol

Fun outdoor holidays close up with nature

The settlements of Hafling/Avelengo, Vöran/Verano and the Meran 2000 skiing and hiking recreational area enjoy a privileged position on the plateau overlooking the spa town of Meran/Merano. Besides the verdant high mountain pastures and solitary summits such as the Ifinger Peak, this is a true mountaineering and hiking haven. Experienced, certified guides take groups of visitors to explore its most spectacular and inaccessible corners taking all safety precautions.The manned mountain shelters offer a welcome opportunity for a quick break and a bite to eat under the sun.

Horse-riding is another popular outdoor activity; exploring the terrain on the back of a Haflinger (an even-tempered local breed named after the village of Hafling in German), with stop-overs at one or more of the spectacular beauty spots. The sturdy, easy-going Haflinger horses also make it easy for the kids to get used to riding in the saddle. Among the various sporting and leisure activities on the trails, the region is a mountain biking and cross-country running haven. Within easy reach from the spa town of Meran, the Outdoor Kids Camp, the wheeled bobsled track and a variety of themed trails also attract the youngest visitors.

Within striking distance of the spa town, the plateau above Meran is accessible by private and public transport or cable car. In winter, Meran 2000 is a popular holiday destination for skiing as well as for other winter sports. The broad ski slopes are also suited to less strenuous activities as well as families with children. Numerous mountain huts and refuges have facilities for stop-overs, to rest, refresh and sample the local delicacies. Far from the busy pistes, there are a number of beaten tracks from which to admire fantastic views of the snowy valley below. Romantic rides on horse-drawn carriages are popular.
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