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Time to relax in Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000 accomodation
A new year to enjoy, a new season to inaugurate, a new format to browse, a typeface that is a symbol of Merano's talent, new stories to immerse yourself in and a new editorial and graphic concept to be surprised by. Merano and its surroundings are bursting with new features, found on these pages which see the launch of a new direction and a new journey for the publication you are holding in your hands. Not so much a magazine, more a container of stories and discoveries, curiosities and marvels which typify this area and the people who live there. From now on, three times a year these pages will be completely renewed, issue after issue, in order to create an increasingly rich and multiform mosaic, full of things, places and people, all to be discovered and encountered in Merano and its surroundings.
Merano 01
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