Our team
Our team
Our team
Welcome to the Tourist Association of Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000! We are the team of four that answers your questions about our holiday region and provides you with the best insider tips: Do you have a question about our region that Google doesn't know the answer to? We accept the challenge!
Whether you're looking for hiking trails, charming restaurants or hidden attractions, you're in good hands with us. Our team consists of a colourful mix of personalities who all share a common passion: Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000.
So, the next time you are in Hafling, come and say "Hello!". We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the beauty of our holiday region. See you soon in Hafling-Vöran Merano 2000!
Sabrina Unterkofler
I am a passionate road cyclist and skier. I love to travel, climb new mountains and grow with their challenges. The warm-heartedness of the Tschögglberg people and the diversitiy of nature in our holiday area is what makes me love my job. Sustainability plays a central role for me. I go by bike where and whenever it is possible, I like to go on holiday by train and buy many of my clothes second-hand.

In the team since: November 2021

Work areas:
- Company management
- Strategy
- Staff management
- Product development
- Mobility
- Public Relations
- Marketing

Contact: direktion@hafling.com
Manuela Raich
As a mother of four boys, family comes first for me. Our weekends are usually filled with football tournaments. When I'm not on the sidelines, you can find me in the mountains and in nature. Forest air and the view from above are my sources of energy. It's a nice feeling to leave everyday life in the valley for a few hours and enjoy the lightness.

In the team since: May 2021

Work areas:
- Administration/Accounting
- Support for members
- Projects
- TIC-Web and Touristmanager

Contact: verwaltung@hafling.com
Martha Pircher
I love mountainbiking: only the here and now counts, everything else at that moment is unimportant. What I like best are tours that I can combine with a summit tour and then look forward to a varied downhill run. Furthermore, singing is a matter close to my heart. In the church choir, some project ensembles and now and then as a soloist, you can hear me mainly in churches.

In the team since:
April 2023

Fields of work:

- PR and Communication
- Social Media Management
- content creation
- Project management
- Print media

Contact: digital@hafling.com
Petra Unterholzner
For as long as I can remember, everything has revolved around horses. With my two horses Pepito and Shiva I go through thick and thin, train for competitions and enjoy long rides in the extensive hiking area around Hafling. In my voluntary work in the South Tyrolean Farmers' Youth I can actively support the young farmers so that they can continue to preserve our beautiful cultural landscape with all their strength.

In the team since: March 2022

Areas of work:
- Front Office and guest service
- Event organisation
- Website and online data maintenance
- TIC-Web
- Printed material

Contact: info@hafling.com
The trail workers
Paul, Karl, Franz and Erich. Everyone in Hafling and Vöran probably knows them: the hard-working trail workers who have been keeping our hiking trails in good shape for many years - in all weathers and seasons.
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