Kids in Nature: the Haflinger Adventure Trail
Hiking on the trails of the Haflinger horses
Haflinger Adventure Trail
Horse riding with Haflinger horses at Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000
Haflinger horses during summer at Meran 2000

Kids in Nature: the Haflinger Adventure Trail

Hiking on the trails of the Haflinger horses

The Haflinger Adventure Trail horse trail on the Hafling/Avelengo - Vöran/Verano - Meran 2000 plateau is a leisurely walk for everyone. It’s a wonder-world for the kids to explore and passable for strollers. The path takes its name from the docile and majestic Haflinger horses with their flaxen manes. Indeed, these magnificent quadrupeds take their name from the village of Hafling. The farmers on the plateau above the spa town of Meran/Merano have long used these sturdy, reliable beasts to work their fields.
ATTENTION:The Haflinger Adventure Trail is not accessible throughout on Saturday, 24 September.
There is a roadblock between stations 3 and 4.
Coming from Hafling Dorf, you can only get to station 3 and then have to turn around. From the other side (St. Kathrein/petrol station/Locherweg) you can get to station 4 via the "Bürgeleweg".
Alternative (without strollers): It is possible to connect the stations via the waterfall trail 15/B and the trails no. 15/A as well as 2A from/to Hafling Dorf. Then return via the motorway bridge (wide sidewalk).
Route description
Haflinger Adventure Trail
Hiking, Themed Trails, Path suitable for baby carriages
Haflinger Adventure Trail
The Haflinger Adventure Trail with it's 12 stations, reaches from Hafling Dorf/Avelengo paese to St. Kathrein/S. Caterina and is dedicated to the docile Haflinger horses.
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