Carriage in South Tyrol: Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000
By carriage through Hafling, Vöran & Meran 2000

Carriage in South Tyrol: Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000

By carriage through Hafling, Vöran & Meran 2000

Whether it's a romantic carriage ride for two or a happy outing with the whole family: an afternoon in a carriage in Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000 should definitely among your activities in your holiday. The Haflinger horses are popular riding and leisure horses as well as suitable as draught animals for carriage rides. The strong, sure-footed and good-natured animals are therefore among the horses with the most versatile areas of use. Here in their ancestral home near the spa town of Merano, carriage rides are on the weekly programme of events.

Our tip: A carriage ride in South Tyrol is a popular gift idea and suits every occasion.

Romantic winter fairytale
Like Jingle Bells, but for real. Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000 has a charm in summer and winter that is impossible to resist. Experience your very own winter dream and enjoy the deeply snow-covered winter landscape from the horse-drawn carriage. Snuggled up in warm blankets, your gaze wanders over the white-clad mountain scenery, snow crystals glistening in the winter sun. The warm air breathed by the horses condenses in the crystal-clear air. Let yourself be carried away into the magical and fascinating winter world, where nature rests under a thick blanket of snow.

Carriage ride in summer

A horse and carriage ride takes you along flowering meadows and through light forests. The rhythmic clatter of hooves and birdsong accompany you like a soothing mantra. Old farmsteads of a rural landscape pass by and remind you of earlier times. From the carriage you get to know the surroundings of Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000 from a completely new perspective. Sit down, look around and enjoy!
Carriage rides in the old days
Long gone are the days when carriages were the only means of transport for several people, the linchpin of the postal system and of more or less distinguished travel. Bumpy roads made travelling an ordeal, damage to axles or wheels was the order of the day. Nevertheless, carriages were an important and indispensable means of transport, especially in a rural area like Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000.

Carriages and horses in splendid festive garb
On festive days, for processions, parades and especially for weddings, carriages are still popular in Hafling and Vöran. Decked out with festive bridles and plaited manes, the festive cuemmet adorned with polished gold plates, the horses are a stately sight and a popular photo motif. The carriage itself is decorated with lavish flowers and beams with the happy bride and groom.

Fun Fact: Success indicator horse apples
Why on earth do French actors and dancers wish each other "Merde!", the French word for "shit", backstage? In Spanish, by the way, it is the expression "mucha mierda" (Portuguese "muita merda") or "much shit".
Presumably this term goes back to the days when the well-heeled public travelled to the theatre in carriages. A scrutinising look at the street in front of the theatre revealed whether the performance would be (financially) successful. Many horse droppings meant that many carriages had stopped and thus there would be many spectators in the auditorium. Thus, a lot of droppings left behind in the street equalled the desire to be cheered by a large number of spectators, which resulted in positive reviews and repeat performances.
Free time activities around the Haflinger horse
The riding stables in Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000 also offer riding lessons, guided rides and day trips on horseback in summer and winter. For children, guided riding tours, taster courses and ponies to pet are a great way to make first contacts with the gentle Haflingers. Various events on the subject of Haflinger horses, such as stable tours, are offered on a regular basis.
Horse carriage rides
Carriage Rides Riding stable Sulfner
Carriage Rides Riding stable Sulfner
Carriage Rides in Hafling with the Haflinger horses. Carriage rides in summer every  Tuesday and Saturday afternoon. In winter, carriage rides on request from ...
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