Schildhöfe Farms

- in St. Martin/S. Martino: Haupold, Saltaus, Granstein, Kalm, Baumkirch, Gereuth, Steinhaus

- in St. Leonhard/S. Leonardo: Ebion, Buchenegg, Happerg, Gomion

In Vorderpasseiertal Valley there are some unique buildings: farmhouses built mostly of wood, or a castle-like building overgrown with ivy and decorated with ancient sundials or frescoes. The history of the Schildhof farmers dates back to the 13th century, when they served Count Albert of Tyrol (1190-1253) as shield-bearers. As a result, the large farms were granted many privileges. What remains now are only fishing rights in the Passer river.

Tip: Passeirer Schildhöfeweg trail

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass/Jaufenpass Mountain Pass.

Public transport

The starting point is easy to reach with the following public connections: With bus line 240 from Meran/Merano to St. Leonhard/S.Leonardo.

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