Castle Hochnaturns

Castle Hochnaturns is located above from the village Naturno/Naturns. The Roman Tower has been changed in Mediaeval style and in the middle of the 13th century the “Oswald Tower” has been established and named after Oswald von Naturns, who was a knight of the Teutonic Order. From then on, the castle was the principle residence of the Lords of Naturns (Naturno). After various owners, Castel Hochnaturns had its prime in the 16th century has been equipped with various items such as wood ceilings or tilted stove. Then came a period of decay until Franz Ritter von Goldegg had the castle restored in the 19th century. As the complex has been changed into a hotel, its original shape can only be guessed. The castle was designated a historic monument in 1950. Today, Castel Hochnaturns is in private ownership and cannot be visited.

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