From Naturno to the waterfall of Parcines

Naturno - Panorama trail - Pignol - trail no. 39A - Path No. 26 - Dursterhof - Gasthof Birkenwald

General description
The main feature on this hike is a rustic stone-walled farmstead built by the owners with their own hands using exclusively natural building materials. The farm houses and outbuildings of the Dusterhof farmstead have progressively been expanded over the years and the
raspberry vines growing on the vertiginous slopes, help to make the Dursterhof quite unique.
Route description
This hike starts in the town centre of Naturno/Naturns. Take Feldgasse road and then St.-Prokulus Straße street, before continuing along Trail no. 39/91 up to the Sonnenberg Panoramic Trail. Follow the trail to the newly-renovated historical Runster Mill. As the fork, continue
uphill on Trail No. 39a/91 to Weitgrub farm. From there, proceed along Trail No. 39a through the forest and then, as the path levels out, across the meadows to the Unterrain and Unterwand farmsteads. The route then follows Trail No. 26, along the steep slopes of the Parcines Sonnenberg Mountain and under the Texelbahn Cable Car to the Jausenstation Dursterhof snack bar. From there, continue along Trail No. 26 through the forest and across the grassy slopes to
the Birkenwald inn beneath the Parcines Waterfall.
Description to arrive at destination
This hike can be accessed directly from the center of Naturno.
Parking in the village centre (fees apply), parking at the cemetery (free of charge) and parking along the Feldgasse (fees apply)
Public transport
For the return journey:
Bus No. 265 Parcines waterfall - Texelbahn and further with
Bus No. 266 Texelbahn/Partschins - Unterstell/Naturns
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