Traveling with Tisner Reisen: Lago di Garda – Limone & Malcesine

A trip to Trento via the Etsch Valley and then on through the Sarca Valley to Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, which encompasses parts of the provinces of Trentino, Verona and Brescia. The river Sarca, that flows through the valley of the same name, feeds into the lake, which, in turn, discharges into the river Mincio and flows into the Po. Limone is in a recess on the lake, protected by high cliff walls, between gardens and lemon orchards. After visiting Limone, we enjoy a leisurely boat trip to Malcesine for a coffee break. Malcesineʼs most famous landmark is surely the Scaliger Castle, which towers above the banks of the lake. The journey back to your resort takes us via Nago, the San Giovanni Pass and the motorway.
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