Women Trail & Hike Days

Trailrun meets pleasure hiking at Naturno

Your next adventure awaits, are you there?
Discover new things, maybe go beyond your own limits and still enjoy pleasurable moments?
From Thursday, May 12th to Sunday, May 15th 2022 we will take you to the spa town of Naturns.

* Explore the wild nature together on a trail run or pleasure hiking
* Experience new things with like-minded women

Join us on a multisensory journey that combines movement, pleasure and creative exploration.
Do you love to experience new experiences, adventures, fun and real encounters with other women? Then sign up and be there!
Together, we want to encourage women to try new things, overcome boundaries and strengthen each other. So the motto clearly applies: Nothing MUST – everything CAN.
We look forward to our time together and great experiences.
From Munich you can easily take the train to Merano. From here we can organise a shuttle bus to Naturno, directly to the hotel.
Do you want to travel by car? Then let’s look for carpooling and be comfortable, flexible and yet environmentally friendly.
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