St. Jakob church - Telescope Trail No. 38, Vöran

Telescope on the trail no. 38 near the Waldbichl Inn in Verano/Vöran with view on the Church St. Jacob in Meltina/Mölten.

The Romanesque church of St. Jakob is visible from quite a distance and is located at the highest point of the Salto Plateau at an elevation of 1,525 metres.The church was first referenced in 1300. In 1900, Pastor Johann Luggin tackled a restoration and the church was inaugurated a year later. In 1970, frescoes dating from the seventeenth century were discovered and partially excavated in the church, which was originally Romanesque but Gothicised in 1510. On the altar, we find St. Jacob, who is the protector of the wayfarer, and two patron saints of plague sufferers, Roch and Sebastian.

The Telescopes cannot rotate: it is meant to focus solely on a single building.


The Telescopes it is meant to focus solely on a single building. The small church of St. Jacob in Langfenn can be seen here.

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