Winter excursion from Prissiano to Tesimo and back

General description

Easy and interesting walk with many views from Tisens/Tesimo and Prissian/Prissiano. Suitable for push chairs, section illuminated at night.

Route description

From the car park in the centre of Prissiano (at the Raiffeisenkasse), walk about 150 m up the main road in the direction of Tisens until you reach the bus stop. Continue along the main road for about 50m and then turn left. First follow the 13A mark and then right along the "Oberer Wiesenweg" (upper meadow path), at first gently, then more steeply uphill to the highest point near the "Tirolerhof" with the public telescope and wonderful view of the villages. Now slightly downhill to the right, continuing to follow the signposts for "Oberer Wiesenweg" and no. 13 until you reach a large wooden cross, known as the "Hohes Kreuz" on the main road in Tesimo. Continue left along the main road for approx. 100 m, then - at the bakery - turn right on marker no. 2 slightly downhill to the old people's home. Past the old people's home, turn right onto the "Unterer Wiesenweg", past two children's playgrounds, the primary school and continue straight ahead along the road to the bus stop in Prissian. Now turn left along the main road back to the starting point.


Free parking in the center of Prissian at the fire station.

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