Ski Tour to the Schwarzwandscharte (3,059 m)

General description

Moderatly difficult ski tour

Time of the year: late winter or spring

Refreshment stop: Schönau inn

Route description

Starting from the Timmelsbrücke bridge, take the broad path to the Timmelsalm Alpine pasture. Then continue along the right bank of the Passer river. After coming to the end of the Unterkrumpwasser water catchment area, turn left just before reaching a shepherd's hut. Bear left, while passing a large rock that juts out across the bends. Follow the trail up the long slope as it winds its way up the ridge to the summit of the Schwarzwandscharte.

Descent: Follow the same route back down into the valley.

Source: "Skitouren und Schneeschuhwandern in Passeier" - Pub. Verlag.Passeier

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass and Moos/Moso until the bridge ponte Tumulo.

Parking is available in the car park to the right of the bridge ponte Tumulo.
Safety instructions
Always be informed about snow conditions and avalanche risk before setting off.
As with any ski tour, you should always have all your ski touring equipment with you.
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