Ski moutaineering to pre-summit Trumserspitze

General description

Starting point: Certosa/Karthaus (1,327 m a.s.l.)
Ascent: 1,474 m elevation gain, 4 hours
Best time: winter and early spring

Uphill and downhill possible with skis from  to Certosa/Karthaus if the snow conditions are good. Referred to as Gamseck on some maps. The ascent is from Certosa/Karthaus along the road to Farmstead Sennhof and then on the forest path to malga del convento, above Certosa/Karthaus, from there continue southwards to the highest and rather steep ascent to the secondary summit of the Trumserspitze.

Descent A: The same as the ascent route and the road to Certosa/Karthaus.

Descent B: Northwards to malga del convento and along the forest path as far as the viewing point for Certosa/Karthaus and then directly downhill to Certosa/Karthaus through the forest aisle.

For practised skiers

Description to arrive at destination

Naturno/Naturns - Schnalstal Valley - Certosa/Karthaus

Parking places near the centre, free, unguarded
Public transport

With the SAD bus nr. 261 to Certosa (bus stop Certosa)

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