South Tyrol for Dummies

South Tyrol for Dummies

Planning your first holiday in South Tyrol? Perfect! With our entry-level guide, skillfully avoid making any faux pas!

Never been to South Tyrol? No problem! Are you planning your first trip to this beautiful Alpine region? Welcome! But don‘t want to be recognized as a tourist after five minutes? We can help you!

With our beginner‘s guide, be well prepared for your first visit to South Tyrol. Browse or and immerse yourself in the Alpine-Mediterranean world of South Tyrol.

Dumpling Faux Pas
Let’s start with the local cuisine. That is as important to South Tyroleans as good food itself. Which introduces the first and most important commandment: eat dumplings. No South Tyrolean would ever dream of cutting a dumpling with a knife. You simply divide it with the fork! Why? Because the cook knows that the dumpling has been prepared exactly what it should be, meaning light and fluffy inside. Cutting a dumpling with a knife would mean it is too hard, and this in turn would be an insult to the kitchen. So be gracious and do not pay any attention to your knife.

Bacon Fail
No, absolutely not: you simply cannot cut away the fat parts of South Tyrolean bacon! By definition, bacon consists of 2/3 meat and 1/3 fat. And this should be eaten as well, because only the flavor of both together give bacon its unique taste. Tip number 3: ask for a really sharp knife and be seen as a connoisseur, as bacon is always cut very thin. This meal should include the typical South Tyrolean Schüttelbrot and a glass of South Tyrolean red wine.

Coffee Handbook
In addition to South Tyrolean cuisine, which combines the best of the Alpine world and Mediterranean Italy, coffee culture is also omnipresent in the region. Our tip number 4 explains when to order which coffee.

  • For breakfast: cappuccino or latte macchiato
  • In the morning: macchiato or espresso (for Sunday mornings and cake with with Grandma or a hangover after a big night, another cappuccino)
  • At lunchtime and in the afternoon: macchiato or espresso
  • After dinner: espresso (Attention, please: please do not order cappuccino after dinner! This is – with a smirk – something really only done by tourists...)
Hiking – the Miller's Delight
If there is something in South Tyrol to stress over and over again, that is the mountains. Mountains, mountains, mountains. If you come from the lowlands, these may have particular appeal for you. Leave your slippers aside, outfit your toes in neat socks and slip into your new mountain boots. But beware! Here lurks the next faux pas, which could also unmask you after only a brief time as a tourist. Our tip number 5 is: always break in new shoes first, so that you do not have to deal with blisters on your feet.

Other tips you should consider as a first-time guest in South Tyrol concerning excursions in the mountains can be found here.

Dear guests,
We wish you many wonderful experiences in South Tyrol. Enjoy the mountains, the food and the convivial hospitality of our compatriots!

For those seeking the ideal accommodation, we are also happy to help.
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