The Hiking Pass of Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000
Hiking pass: collect points with stamps
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The Hiking Pass of Hafling, Vöran and Meran 2000

Hiking pass: collect points with stamps

Collect points and off you go: The holiday region of Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000 has an extensive network of 160 km of well-maintained and very well-signposted hiking trails that are open all year round. This means that wonderful hikes can be undertaken all year round, from easy walks with/without prams, circular and adventure trails, to challenging summit tours with wonderful distant views of the surrounding mountains. With the aim of obtaining a hiking pin, even the smallest ones will discover the joy of hiking.
The hiking pass invites mountain hikers of all ages to document their hikes, track their progress and collect stamps with the corresponding points at mountain huts, mountain inns and alpine pastures along the trails. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just starting out, this passport will take you on a journey that will reward you with breathtaking scenery, cultural treasures and personal growth. For a nominal fee of five euros, hikers with 100 or more points receive the silver hiking pin, with 150 or more points the gold hiking pin, and as a special award the hiking certificate.
Here you can collect the stamps:
Kesselberg hut
Points: 25
Height: 2.300 m

further information: Kesselberg Alpine Hut
Kirchsteiger Alm
Points: 20
Height: 1.945 m

further information: Kirchsteiger Alm
Points: 25
Height: 2.362 m

further information: Kuhleiten
Leadner Alm
Points: 20
Height: 1.514 m

further information: Leadner Alm
Maiser Alm
Points: 20
Height: 1.783 m

further information: Maiser Alm
Meraner Hütte
Points: 20
Height: 1.960 m

further information: Meraner Hütte
Mittager Hütte
Points: 25
Height: 2.260 m

further information: Mittager Hütte
Möltner Kaser
Points: 25
Height: 1.763 m
Points: 20
Height: 1.750 m

further information: Moschwaldalm
Piffinger Köpfl
Points: 10
Height: 1.900 m

further information: Piffinger Köpfl
Sattler Hütte
Points: 20
Height: 1.604 m

further information: Sattler Hütte
Vöraner Alm
Points: 25
Height: 1.873 m

further information: Vöraner Alm
Points: 15
Height: 2.040 m

further information: Waidmannalm
Points: 20
Height: 1.500m

further information: Waldbichl
Wurzer Alm
Points: 20
Height: 1.707 m

further information: Wurzer Alm
Zuegg Hütte
Points: 10
Height: 1.765 m

further information: Zuegg Hütte
The hiking pass is available at the Tourist Office Hafling or at your accommodation in Hafling, Vöran, Meran 2000. It is advisable to research the opening hours and closing days of the establishments in advance to avoid any disappointments.
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