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Hiking, easy, Winter hikes

Knottnkino in Vöran - start at the bus stop "Alpenrose"

General description

The Knottnkino is a lookout point. It's outfitted with thirty cinema seats, where the hikers can take a seat and enjoy the unique experience: nature as cinema. The site overlooks the whole of the Adige Valley so visitors enjoy stunning views that encompass the Texel Mountains, Mount Penegal, and even Weißhorn farther afield.

Route description

The short hike starts at the bus stop "Alpenrose" (between Hafling and vöran). The trails n. 11 and 14 leads up to the Knottnkino.

Public transport

With the bus to the bus stop "Alpenrose":

  • Bus no. 225 "Meran - Hafling - Falzeben/Vöran"
  • Bus no. 156 "Hafling - Vöran - Mölten – Jenesien"

You'll find the time table on the site:

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