The taste of South Tyrol

The taste of South Tyrol

Enjoy that holiday feeling at home with South Tyrolean recipes, a fine glass of wine or homemade juice.

Unsurprisingly, there is ample variety in a region where palm trees grow beneath snow-covered mountain peaks. This outstanding diversity applies to both the landscape and the cuisine. After all, where else can you get the best Italian pizza and as well as famous South Tyrolean dumplings in the same restaurant? How about classic risotto or a steak with fried potatoes? Or what about the combination of aromatic Italian espresso and homemade schnapps and liqueurs after a delicious meal?

South Tyrolean cuisine is truly one of a kind: The region showcases traditional down-home dishes influenced by Bella Italia as well as old recipes from grandmother's cookbook, some of which have been (re)interpreted in a modern way. All dishes of course feature regional ingredients wherever possible.

We South Tyroleans love to cook with fresh herbs and vegetables, preferably from our own gardens or sourced from the farmers in the surrounding area. That way we know where they come from and we can be sure that they’re free from flavour enhancers and artificial additives. Broths are prepared from vegetables and the salt is enriched with dried herbs.

Depending on the season, we create dishes that are as one-of-a-kind as the province itself. And of course, each valley and village has its own special recipes. The Ultental valley, for instance, is famous for poppyseed doughnuts while the Vinschgau valley is known for ‘snow milk’and so on and so forth.

Many of these recipes have been handed down for generations. Our mothers and grandmothers cooked these delicious traditional South Tyrolean dishes and taught us along the way. Many households boast an ever expanding home recipe book that’s never truly finished.

"I can resist everything except the temptation."

We South Tyroleans also like to mix our own drinks. In springtime, we collect elderberry blossoms for elderberry syrup (a key ingredient in making our homemade Hugo cocktails). In summer, we collect berries for syrups and jams. Such concoctions taste best when homemade. Delicious juices and syrups can also be made from vegetables. Don’t believe us? Try out beetroot syrup for yourself, especially when enriched with lemon. It doesn’t taste nearly as earthy as you might think!

Let's enjoy a bit of holiday feeling at home. After all, South Tyrolean recipes are easy to cook. Let's make a homemade syrup, a wonderfully fragrant apple strudel made from South Tyrolean apples, or perhaps sweet apricot dumplings. Instead of store-bought jelly, let's boil down our very own breakfast jams and bake a crispy bread!

For lunch, classic South Tyrolean speck-flavoured,, cheese or spinach dumplings are the classics. Want to try something more adventurous? How about beetroot dumplings, grey cheese dumplings or even nettle dumplings? How delicious! All taste great with a fine glass of red wine or a homemade juice. Take a sip and dream of South Tyrol wherever you are.

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Restaurants in South Tyrol
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