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Archäologische Wanderwege im Schnalstal

Archaeological Trails in Schnalstal Valley

Hiking past the traces of ancient history

Everywhere in the Val Senales/Schnalstal Valley, visitors will find traces of ancient history. The archaeological trails in the Schnalstal Valley lead through pristine mountain landscapes, a journey back into the past.

Thousands of years ago, hunters and shepherds used these same paths through the valley in order to cross the Alpenkamm ridge.

Between the valley’s entrance to the glacier in the head of the valley there are eight historic walking routes, marked with the symbol of a prehistoric ax for better orientation. Along the archaeological trails in the Schnalstal Valley there are significant Neolithic findings, as well as former pagan cult sites. Copper steles indicate these findings and convey the most important information in short form.








The archaeological trail rises from Vernagt to Niederjoch with its spectacular views and on to Tisenjoch, a reminder of the discovery site of Ötzi the...


Archaeological trail A5 begins in the village of Karthaus where you can visit the cloister of the former Carthusian monastery. It then leads into the...