Outdoor circuit training

“Get moving and feel alive!”

In keeping with the motto “Back to nature” this varied circuit training session with our expert, Monj Quercioli, is aimed at all those who enjoy getting out and about in nature and exercising in the fresh air. The session kicks off with a joint warm-up to prepare the body in the best possible way for the challenges that lie ahead. Then we get down to business: focused, coordinated exercises help increase endurance, speed, flexibility and strength. To do this - in addition to the TheraBand, dumbbells and Pilates ball - we use what Partschins’ surroundings provide: branches, rocks, benches etc. The individual exercises work on different parts of the body so that overall the training session is holistic and extremely efficient.

The physical outdoor workout, combined with fresh air, sunshine, the aromas of the forest and contact with like-minded people, provides an exhilarating training experience where burning off energy is fun and also has clear health benefits, such as increased fitness and brighter mood, a stronger immune system and new strength for your body and mind for everyday life.

Monj Quercioli - Tel. +39 340 5321448
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