5 life hacks for your skiing holiday

5 life hacks for your skiing holiday

Endless turns on the slopes, excellent food and plenty of sunshine: this is what a ski holiday in South Tyrol is all about. To ensure you get off to the best possible start in South Tyrol's mountains, we’ve prepared 5 life hacks.

1. Rent don’t buy

Let's start with the most important thing: the right equipment. For growing children, renting is obviously the best choice so you don’t have to buy new every year. But this strategy can also be worthwhile for adults as well.
Especially beginners or those returning to the slopes should consider the following: To start with, you save service costs because a professional ski or snowboard service should be carried out every 7 to 10 days of skiing to ensure safety. The rental company when renting equipment performs this service and you always get equipment in optimal condition. Additionally, when renting you have the possibility to test new skis every year. Another advantage: You don't have to squeeze bulky equipment into your car. Instead, comfortably pick it up from the ski rental on the first day of skiing.

• Book your equipment conveniently online (sometimes there are even online discounts) or get up early enough to avoid the onslaught of ski-rental shops.
• Make sure to receive good quality from trained employees at ski rentals that will professionally adjust bindings (ideally with an electronic tester)
• Give your car a rest. Most ski resorts (or hotels) offer free shuttle services from the hotel to the ski resort, meaning you can enjoy a schnapps (or two) during après ski.
Here you’ll surely find what you’re looking for:

Schwemmalm ski area in the Ultental valley
Rentasport Exclusive 
Ultental ski rental 

Merano 2000
Sportservice Erwin Stricker - Merano 2000
Sportservice Erwin Stricker - Merano
Sportservice Erwin Stricker - Falzeben
Sport Max ski rental

Pfelders ski area
Gufler Thomas ski rental 
Günthers Rentasport ski rental

Ski area on the Schnalstaler Gletscher glacier 
Skifactory Maso Corto  

2. Snacks on the go

Everyone knows you can build up quite an appetite from skiing. Make sure you don't get hungry and pack some South Tyrolean snacks in your backpack for the morning runs.

Apples: Exploding with vitamins, apples contain 30 vitamins and trace elements, up to 180 milligrams of potassium, and many other valuable minerals. That’s why apples belong on every ski trip. Our tip: Cut an apple into small pieces and put it in a bag with a little lemon juice. The lemon provides an additional kick of vitamins and ensures that the fruit does not turn brown.

Dried fruits: Dried strawberries, pears, apples, kaki or apricots are ideal energy boosters in terms of nutrient content. They are also rich in antioxidants and folic acid. Dried fruits from South Tyrol can be sourced here.

Chocolate: It’s a healthy indulgence. Yes, you read that correctly, chocolate can also be healthy. Chocolate with a cocoa content above 70 percent is actually good for the heart, brain and psyche. On your holiday in South Tyrol, turn to delicious South Tyrolean chocolate from the Oberhöller chocolate factory to get your fix. In the Sarntal valley, Anton Oberhöller processes one of the world's finest cocoa beans, the Valrhona. That’s not all, Katya Walboth and Armin Untersteiner are the first in South Tyrol to process their own Karuna chocolate from the bean to the table (bean to bar).

3. Enjoy a mountain hut stop with a view

South Tyrol, ski holidays and sun: these three words simply belong together. South Tyrol's ski resorts are famous for their cosy huts and sunny terraces. But anyone who has ever enjoyed a ski holiday knows that at lunchtime the huts (and if the weather is fine, especially the terraces) are quickly filled, so it's best to enjoy your speck-flavoured dumplings before 12 noon or after 1:30 pm. By then, the rush is largely over and you can enjoy the fantastic views in peace and quiet. Afterwards, don't forget to apply sunscreen while basking in a deck chair!
4. The right sunscreen

In the mountains, the sun is quite intense because the snow reflects the sun's rays. The higher the ski area, the higher the intensity of the sun and the higher the sun protection factor must be (minimum SPF 30). In the snow, it’s best to use a greasy, waterproof sunscreen in addition to lip balm.
• Ideally, apply some sunscreen at the hotel at least 30 minutes prior to skiing.
• Take the sunscreen with you in a closable bag or secure the lid with adhesive tape to avoid making a mess.
• Apply a new layer every 2 hours to ensure the SPF protection.

Tip: Sunscreen with ingredients from the Schnalstal Glacier is available from Glacisse  

5. Pure relaxation

After a day powering through the snow, it's time to relax and enjoy a hot shower, a sauna or a soothing massage with South Tyrolean essences such as mountain pine, honey or herbs at a hotel or e.g. the Therme Meran spa.

A sauna is highly recommended especially after the first day of skiing. After all, a hot sauna helps crank up the immune system. A cold shower afterwards ensures proper blood circulation and makes the skin glow.

Afterwards you can enjoy excellent South Tyrolean cuisine in one of the many restaurants in Merano/Meran and environs. Here there’s something for every taste: Italian pizza, South Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen, a filled pasta dish, or for gourmets there are more refined dishes such as grated goat cheese with Speck Alto Adige or Ulten Laugenrind beef with thyme sauce. Add a glass of South Tyrolean Wine and you’ll sleep like a baby.
Still looking for the right accommodation?
Still looking for the right accommodation?
From mountain huts to wellness hotels, it’s all here.
From the local mountain to the glacier
From the local mountain to the glacier
Around Merano there are 5 ski resorts that welcome beginners, those returning to skiing, families, professionals and leisurely skiers.
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