Longing for the mountains

Longing for the mountains

Humans have an innate longing to travel. Small wonder that the mere thought of visiting South Tyrol mountains is so appealing.

It’s hard to explain but true: We all share an inner longing to discover new things. This yearning for yet undiscovered places and our desire to move through the world, to experience little moments of happiness, lives deep within us.

This quest for adventure drives us out into the world and up into the mountains. It’s the reason why we love to travel, to get to know new cultures and to discover unspoilt landscapes for ourselves. Because Meran in particular boasts a little bit of everything - culture and nature - it’s easy to understand why so many are drawn to this spa town and the surrounding villages every year.

Here, where Mediterranean joie de vivre meets rugged mountains and untamed nature, where South Tyrolean hospitality and old traditions go hand in hand, we experience precious moments full of happiness for memories that last a lifetime.

People have always been attracted to our mountains. This rough, under-explored world has always held a magical attraction for us. More than 200 years ago, the first guests from the cities south of the Alps began to flock here for the cooler summer weather conditions and health-promoting spas.

Empress Sissi isn’t the only one who cherished Meran and harboured a desire for carefree days in the mountains. In 1867, the first railway line across the Brenner Pass was opened. From that moment on, countless travel-lovers have flocked to South Tyrol. Meanwhile, the glamorous grand hotels, villas and romantic promenades were built for which Meran, the spa town, is still known.

Even today, the districts of Untermais/Maia Bassa and Obermais/Maia Alta bear witness to the "Belle Epoque". The ancient arches (the shopping mile of Meran) are like a journey into the past and the lush promenades are like small green oases.
"Forever craving mountains."

Just outside Meran, there are countless nature places waiting for hikers, cyclists and nature lovers to discover. Set off on a journey of discovery through the nature parks and surrounding mountains to thundering waterfalls and largely pristine valleys. Or take a leisurely walk through the orchards and explore ancient Waalwege canal trails from a bygone era...

If you can't travel at the moment, you don't have to stop dreaming. Let's plan a future trip to South Tyrol! Start dreaming of the scent of apples and the crisp mountain air and look forward to scenic hikes around Meran, many of which are even possible throughout the year thanks to the region’s mild climate.

Plan an adventure in the mountains of the Ultental, Passeiertal or Vinschgau valleys. High-altitude trails like the Meraner Höhenweg ridgeway or the Vellau Felsenweg trail are especially scenic. Or how about a hike along the Ulten Farm Trail, where you can pass by ancient farms and experience local traditions and customs up close and personal?

South Tyrol is also known for its numerous waterfalls, which impressively combine the power and beauty of nature in one place. Check out the Partschins/Parcines waterfall, the Tret waterfall in St. Felix/San Felice or even the Fragsburg waterfall, the highest falls in South Tyrol.

In a region where half the land is covered in forests and mountains, the possibilities are simply endless. Act upon your wanderlust and start looking forward to your next stay in the mountains.

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