“Schlutzkrapfen,” Sauvignon Blanc and Snow Fun

“Schlutzkrapfen,” Sauvignon Blanc and Snow Fun

Alpine tradition meets Mediterranean sophistication in South Tyrol

Enjoyment is a way of life in South Tyrol where food is truly celebrated. Above all, South Tyrolean cooking pots feature high-quality regional products. They are processed into typical dishes such as Schlutzkrapfen, a filled pasta dish, speck-flavoured dumplings and apple strudel. In many huts you will also find refined dishes such as grated goat’s cheese with Speck smoked ham, Ultner Laugenrind beef with thyme sauce, or Radicchio risotto with Parmesan cheese. A glass of excellent South Tyrolean wine is the ideal accompaniment.

Those who have never embarked on a culinary journey to South Tyrol in winter have a truly amazing ski holiday to look forward to. Merano is ideal for beginners or leisure-minded skiers searching for a holiday because you can easily combine a day in the snow with a city stroll. Thanks to ample sun, you can enjoy South Tyrolean cuisine on the terrace of the ski hut! You’ll return home satisfied and also tan!

Eating at such huts is a true can’t-miss experience because they carry the distinction “Real Quality in the Mountains.” They therefore guarantee the best regional cuisine and authentic Alpine quality or feature characteristic culinary offers.
Schwemmalm ski area in the Ultental valley: Schwemmalm mountain restaurant
The Schwemmalm ski area in the Ultental valley offers 25 km of slopes at up to 2,625 m elevation. The well-known ski racer Dominik Paris is also from the Ultental valley. In addition to low waiting times, the ski area boasts excellent food at the rustic, rural huts. Outdoor cooking on the slopes is an additional highlight. At the Schwemmalm mountain restaurant, you should try the home made cheese and the yeast dumplings with vanilla sauce.

Ski area on the Schnalstal Glacier: The Schöne Aussicht mountain hut
At over 3,200 m, the Schnalstal Glacier is the highest ski area in Merano and Environs. Because there are ideal snow conditions at this altitude in autumn already and because the snow is excellent well into spring, numerous professional athletes such as Marcel Hirscher or Ole Einar Bjorndalen come to the Schnalstal valley to complete their high-altitude training. The Ötzi Glacier Tour is a special offer: Along with a mountain guide, this 8-hour rope-team tour leads to the site where Ötzi, the over 5,000-year-old Iceman, was discovered. The Schöne Aussicht mountain hut offers a special culinary experience with a multi-course dumpling menu.

Merano 2000: Waidmannalm mountain hut
The sunny Merano 2000 ski area offers around 40 km of slopes, a natural sledging run and a year-round open-air mountain coaster. This Alpine coaster is just five km from the centre of Merano. The area is now especially family-friendly thanks to the new Outdoor Kids Camp. The Waidmannalm hut dishes up excellent Kaiserschmarren shredded pancake with home made cranberry jam. It’s a culinary highlight for the whole family! Moreover, the VIP gondola of the Falzeben cable car promises a break full of enjoyment. Spend time as a couple with champagne, fresh fruit, appetizers and a breathtaking panorama.

Plan ski area in the Passeiertal valley: Gasthof Zeppichl inn

The Plan ski area is located at the rear of the Passeiertal valley. Here, the contemplative village attaches great importance to sustainability. As a car-free village, it belongs to the group of “Alpine Pearls”. The Dorfexpress, a small train on wheels, and a Citybus transport guests from their accommodation to the cable cars and lifts in just a few minutes. The ski area is perfect for beginners and those relearning to ski. The highlight is the horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow-covered landscape. Guests will pass by the Gasthof Zeppichl inn, which serves its own Speck smoked ham, Kaminwurzen cold-smoked sausages, and home made sausages according to old family recipes.

Vigiljoch: The Gampl family hut
The Vigiljoch mountain in Lana is a recreational area for locals all year round. While many families spend their summer holiday there to escape the heat, the Vigiljoch in winter is a popular destination for winter hikes in nature. It is also features a small ski area ideal for learning. The Vigiljoch can only be reached by cable car, which takes just seven minutes from Lana. Always worth a visit is the family-oriented Gampl hut with a fenced-off children's playground. Parents can eat in peace while children let off steam. Tip: Try out ice stock sport on the “Schwarze Lacke” lake.
Tips for Merano:
In winter, the spa town serves as a Mediterranean retreat in the heart of the Alps. On the Tappeinerweg trail or the promenades along the Passer river, guests can discover both evergreen plants and palm trees. In front of the cafés you can enjoy apple strudel and cappuccino in the sun. Under the Lauben arches, hunt for Italian shoes and bags, as well as authentic South Tyrolean products at Pur Südtirol or Siebenförcher. And in the evening? Enjoy the serene atmosphere, a good glass of wine and excellent Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine in the gourmet restaurants.
All skiing areas and winter destinations around Merano
Skiing in the Ultental Valley
Skiing in the Ultental Valley
Ski vacation in a unique outdoor setting
Skiing in Schnalstal Valley
Skiing in Schnalstal Valley
The ski area at the Schnalstal Glacier includes 42 km of slopes at between 2,000 and 3,200m a.s.l.
Meran 2000 ski area
Meran 2000 ski area
The ski area of Meran 2000 above the spa town of Meran: ideal for your winter and ski holiday in South Tyrol
Skiing in Passeiertal Valley
Skiing in Passeiertal Valley
Skiing fun with snow guaranteed from the beginning of December through to Easter