Hinterkofl Tour - Knottnkino

General description

This trail leads to the popular rock cinema "Knottnkino" in Vöran/Verano. This trail is recommended only for advancer.

Route description

The starting point for this tour is by the summit station of the Cable Car Burgstall-Vöran at an elevation of 1,170 metres. The Tour Hinterkofl - Knottnkino starts out heading west at the route 1 and 12A until to the Alpenrose inn (1,319 m) and then up on the route 11 to Rotstein Knott, which is home to the popular Knottnkino (Rock Cinema) at an elevation of 1,465 metres. The loop continues along the trail 14, the Schützenbründlweg and back to the starting point.

The Trailrunning Tour is also recommendable in opposite direction.

description to arrive at destination
  • Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran/Merano - Bolzano/Bozen (MEBO), take the exit of Meran Süd/Merano Sud and follow directions towards Meran first, to then turn right towards Hafling/Avelengo, follow the street to Vöran/Verano.
  • Coming from both directions of the freeway Meran - Bolzano (MEBO), take the exit of Lana Süd/Lana Sud and follow directions towards Burgstall/Postal. Follow Romstraße/Via Roma for about 1.5km.

Free parking area at the valley and mountain station of the funicular.

Public transport

Valley station in Burgstall:

  • Bus no. 201 "Bolzano - Meran"
  • Bus no. 215 "Lana - Burgstall - Gargazon" 


  • Bus no. 204 "Hafling - Vöran - Mölten - Terlan - Bozen"
  • Bus no. 225 "Meran - Hafling - Falzeben" (until Hafling Dorf, than change to busline no. 204)

You'll find the time table on the site:

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