Why you should book your hotel in Hafling and Vöran Why you should book your hotel in Hafling and Vöran

Why you should book your hotel in Hafling and Vöran

Mountain meets Mediterranean lifestyle. Welcome to the Hafling and Vöran holiday region, where every corner promises a new adventure. If you're thinking about spending your next holiday here, you're probably wondering: "Which accommodation is best for me?"

That's why we want to take a quick look at the different types of accommodation this region has to offer. From cosy holiday flats to charming guesthouses, hotels to authentic farm holidays - every guest will find the perfect place to stay here to suit their needs and preferences. In this article, we want to focus on the hotels and find out why they are a first-class choice for your stay in Hafling and Vöran.

Comfort, amenities and first-class culinary delights
Hotels in Hafling and Vöran offer unbeatable comfort and a wealth of amenities to make your stay unforgettable. From elegant rooms with modern facilities to luxurious spa areas and first-class restaurants - here you can indulge yourself and savour every moment to the full.

Location, location, location
One of the outstanding features of the hotels in this region is their first-class location. Whether you want to explore nature, go hiking or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings, most of the hotels are in close proximity to the Meran 2000 ski and hiking area, the main sights and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Hospitality and service
The hosts at the hotels in Hafling and Vöran attach great importance to hospitality and service. From a warm welcome on arrival to personalised care throughout your stay - here you feel not just like a guest, but like a valued member of the family.

Variety and choice
Whether you are planning a romantic weekend for two, organising a family holiday or want to spend an active break in the mountains - the hotels in Hafling and Vöran offer a variety of room types and packages tailored to a wide range of needs.

Experiences and activities
Last but not least, the hotels in this region offer a wealth of experiences and activities that will make your stay unforgettable. Whether guided hikes, culinary events or wellness offers - there is something for everyone to experience the beauty and diversity of Hafling and Vöran to the full. Not forgetting, of course, the Haflinger horse, which is deeply rooted in the tradition of this mountain region.

All in all, the hotels in the Hafling and Vöran holiday region offer a unique combination of comfort, hospitality, location and experiences that will make your holiday an unforgettable experience. Have we convinced you? Find your perfect match here: book a hotel in Hafling or Vöran.
Tourismusverein Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000 | 4/2/2024
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