Markets in Lana and Environs
The weekly market and farmers market in Lana
Markets in Lana and Environs
Markets in Lana and Environs
Markets in Lana and Environs

Markets in Lana and Environs

The weekly market and farmers market in Lana

The market tradition has historical roots in Lana. The market in Via Lorenzer/Lorenzerweg lane is open every Friday, while on Tuesdays the farmer’s market takes over the main square.

From early April to the middle of December, fresh farm produce can be bought directly from the farmers.

The traditional annual markets in Lana are extremely popular. These include the fair on 7th January on Day of the Epiphany (Hl.-Drei-König-Markt), on Easter Tuesday 19th April 2022 (Ostermarkt) and the All Saints’ Day markets (Allerheiligenmarkt) on 3th November 2021. 

The food fairs are not to be missed and include the Street Market of Regional Delicacies (Bäuerliche Genussmeile) festival early in April, the autumn Keschtnriggl Chestnut Days in Lana as well as in Foiana/Völlan, Prissiano/Prissian and Tesimo/Tisens in mid-October, and the Sterntaler Christmas Market in December.
Farmer's market in Oberlana/Lana di Sopra
10/19 - 12/21/2021 08:00 - 12:30
Farmer's market in Oberlana/Lana di Sopra
Farmer's market in Oberlana, Parkplatz Lorenzer Lana from 8.00-12.30.
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Friday market in Lana
10/22/2021 - 12/30/2022 07:30 - 12:30
Friday market in Lana
Friday market in Lana, carpark "Lorenzer", Lana from 7.30-12.30.
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Farmer's market Lana di Mezzo/Mitterlana
10/23 - 12/18/2021 08:00 - 12:30
Farmer's market Lana di Mezzo/Mitterlana
Farmer's market in Mitterlana, car park Angerweg from 8.00-12.30.
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Flea market in Lana
10/23 - 12/11/2021 08:00 - 18:00
Flea market in Lana
Flea market in Lana, Disco Exclusiv Club Lana, from 8.00-18.00.
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Weekly market

  • Bressanone (via Brenner)
  • Terlano (centro)
  • Appiano/S. Paolo (via delle scuole)


  • Egna (centro storico)
  • Merano (piazza Prader)
  • Prato allo Stelvio (centro)
  • Appiano/S. Michele (piazza Hans-Weber-Tyrol)


  • Renon (Collalbo/Auna di sotto/-di sopra, Longostagno)
  • Brunico (via Europa - centro)
  • Malles
  • Ora (piazza Heinrich-Lona)
  • Caldaro (piazza stazione - via delle cantine)


  • Silandro (parcheggio Stainer)
  • Bolzano (via Rovigo, piazza Matteotti)
  • Appiano/Girlano (via Mercato)
  • Castelrotto/Siusi (piazza del paese)


  • Merano (piazza Prader, via Mainrado)
  • Lana (car parc Länd)
  • Laces (piazza principale)
  • Ortisei


  • Bolzano (piazza Vittoriale e dintorni)
  • Merano "Meraner Markt", obere Freiheitsstraße (27.03.-30.10.21)
  • Naturno

Farmer's market


  • Lana (carpark Lorenzer) - 06.04.-30.11.2021, 7.30-12.00 (+ Su 19.12.21)
  • Caldaro (Piazza mercato) - from april, 8.00-13.00


  • Bolzano - (piazza municipale, ore 7.00-13.00)


  • Lana (Lana di Mezzo) - 08.05.-18.12.21, ore 7.30-13.00
  • Merano (via Galilei, ore 8.00- 12.00)

Annual markets

  • Hl. Drei-König-Markt, Lana, 07.01.21
  • Josefimarkt, Salurn und Trient, 19.03.21
  • Ostermarkt, Meran Bahnhof, Ostermontag, 05.04.21
  • Ostermarkt Lana, Osterdienstag, 06.04.21
  • Georgimarkt Mals, 23.04.21
  • Markusmarkt, Auer, 25.04.21
  • Pfingstmarkt, Rennweg Meran, Pfingstmontag, 24.05.21
  • St. Veits Markt, Tartscher Bühel/Mals, 15.06.21
  • Ultner Markt "Kuppelwieser Markt", Ulten, Mitte September
  • Herbstmarkt, Meran, 19.09.21
  • Michaeli Markt, Martell, 28.09.21
  • Gollimarkt, Mals, 16. Oktober 21
  • Stegener Markt, Bruneck, Letztes Wochenende im Oktober
  • Sealamarkt, Glurns, 02.11.21
  • Allerheiligenmarkt, Lana, 03.11.21
  • Martini Markt, Girlan, 11.11.21
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