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South Tyrolean Cuisine in Lana and Surroundings near Merano in South Tyrol

South Tyrolean Cuisine in Lana and Surroundings near Merano in South Tyrol

Culinary excursions in Lana and surroundings

Renowned for its mild climate, the apple-growing village of Lana on the Etsch River to the south of the spa town of Merano/Meran extends between the local apple orchards, vineyards, chestnut groves and the Krebsbach stream along the South Tyrolean Wine Route. Throughout the year, local restaurants, inns and mountain huts serve the best of South Tyrolean cuisine. In the spring, special culinary weeks take place – among others the Blossom Festival and Wild Herbs Days – and at harvest time in the autumn, the wine cellars at the foot of Mount Vigiljoch invite visitors to enjoy the famous and traditional Törggelen feast.
Regional farm produce, from cheese, bread and eggs to homemade juices and locally-grown wines, can be bought directly from the farmers at their farm shops, in the farm markets or at specialty shops in the village. You will also find tips on simple yet sophisticated recipes.
South Tyrolean cuisine combines culinary influences from Italy and the Mediterranean with typical down-to-earth Tyrolean farmhouse dishes. The use of fresh, locally grown produce is standard at most guest establishments in Lana and the surrounding area. In addition, there are also bistro cuisine and ever-popular pizzerias. Some of the mountain huts of the region which serve local specialties with a high level of attention to quality and detail are awarded with the "Real Quality in the Mountains" seal of quality.
Lana and its environs have much to offer in terms of cuisine, and the ingredients that go into South Tyrolean cuisine are harvested in its orchards, vineyards and chestnut groves. Local inns, restaurants and mountain huts make use of local raw ingredients as a matter of course. Not only are they used in traditional local platters, but also in innovative Italian-inspired dishes.

Lana’s hybrid Alpine-Mediterranean character is particularly reflected its brand of South Tyrolean cuisine. Hearty farmhouse platters are tinged with Mediterranean influences, and its gourmet cuisine is celebrated all year round during the themed weeks. These include the Törggelen festival in autumn, and winter sweetmeats at Christmastime. Local specialities are available from the farm stores, at the market stalls, as well as in delicatessens and speciality food shops, for visitors to take home with them. Memories of your Lana holiday will thus linger longer...!

Regional specialities - Quality products from South Tyrol.

Benefiting from the geographical position and a mild and sunny climate the fields and gardens of the Etsch Valley boast of excellent fruits and vegetables.

In areas that lie at a higher altitude you will find the perfect grounds for intensive and aromatic herbs and spices, which do need this poor soil to achieve their genuine flavour.

Hand-picked and naturally dried, these mountain herbs develop a range of flavours and aromas ideally suited for tee blends and mixed spices.

Once you have had a try, you will know the difference! In addition to that, the steep slopes above Lana provide the perfect setting for the production of exquisite und pure forest honey.

The pastures around the village of Pawigl near Lana offer an altitude and vegetation that provide ideal conditions for breeding highland cattle. The meat produced from these healthily reared animals is especially tender.

Farm products
In Lana and its surroundings many farm products are made in accordance with old traditions. Back then, like today, farmers set high standards for top-quality organic products. Over the course of time, the Mediterranean passion for refining agricultural production has lead to the highest quality home-made farm products. So it is no surprise that Lana and its adjacent villages are home to a number of products which carry the quality seal of labels like Slow Food, Bioland, Demeter or Roter-Hahn.
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