Lana connects. Places and emotions.
Lana connects. Places and emotions.
Lana connects. Places and emotions.
Lana connects. Places and emotions.

Lana connects. Places and emotions.

Nature and culture experiences between history and modernity

Places to see in Lana, Tscherms, Burgstall and Gargazon.

Culture means combining old times and new sensations. Diving into other worlds and building a bridge from yesterday to tomorrow. Especially the church-historical culture is deeply rooted in Lana. About 40 churches, chapels and monasteries bear witness to this, from the early medieval St. Margareth Chapel to the late Gothic Schnatterpeck altar in the parish church of Niederlana. 

The numerous castles and fortresses in the surrounding villages can be reached via historic paths, along which pilgrims, merchants and knights once walked. The museums in the area, on the other hand, reflect the importance of agriculture in the area. In the midst of all, modernity also makes its way, for example on the Skulpturenwanderweg trail with its 33 sculptures made by contemporary artists. 

In the region of Lana, culture merges directly with nature. Cross the seven gardens of the Kränzelhof in Tscherms. Listen to the sound of the river water in the Falschauer biotope. Walk over the suspension bridges and through the tunnels of the Gaulschlucht gorge. From the car-free Mount Vigiljoch to the picturesque orchards in the valley, Lana and its surroundings hold countless natural sites that will make you marvel.

The apple village Lana in South Tyrol

The Alpine-Mediterranean market town of Lana, with its uniquely mild local climate, lies in a sunny location at the foot of the mountains to the south of the spa town of Merano/Merano. As a modern, progressive village with a sense of innovation, Lana offers a high quality of life for both local inhabitants and visitors. Lana is an ideal family holiday destination, combining the advantages of a quiet, rural environment filled with hiking trails and cycling routes with the shopping and dining options of a modern urban center.

Around 40 historic churches, chapels and monasteries testify to the importance of Lana as a place steeped in the distant past. The castles of Brandis, Leonburg and Braunsberg have graced the panorama of the village since the Middle Ages. Today, picturesque paths lined with contemporary sculptures and artworks and ancient paths harmoniously combine contemporary culture and historical sites.

Customs are cultivated in Lana. The local history and traditions are more alive today than ever. As a result, colorful processions take place throughout the year. Holidays, customs and ceremonies are spread out throughout the year. Many citizens of Lana are active in associations such as the citizen's band, the local theatre, the sports club or diverse cultural associations. Find out more about the region and people of Lana and surroundings in our magazine for guests, Merano Magazine.
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